Web+APP Analytics

Advanced Integration

by Senior Web Analytics Manager with Coding and Digital Marketing skills

My Mission

Help Business and Marketing Teams to understand which campaigns are best at driving valuable customers.

Measure return on investment (ROI) and make better-informed decisions about Ad spend.

Technology & Platform Stack

Services I Provide

Web tracking

  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager integration at any complexity (incl. Web+App and Premium 360 version)

  • Cross-Device and Cross-Domain tracking

  • Enhanced Ecommerce implementation

Mobile App tracking

  • Firebase Analytics for Apps integration

  • Google Tag Manager for Apps setup

  • Adjust, Appfigures, Google Big Query setup and reporting

Migration of tracking

  • Adobe Analytics (Dynamic Tag Management) ➤ Google Analytics (Google Tag Manager)

  • HTML websites ➤ Single-page applications (SPA)

  • Google Analytics for Apps ➤ Firebase Analytics

Project management Web+App tracking

  • Gather requirements and creating documentation

  • Communication with marketing and developer teams

  • Tracking implementation on Web and App platforms

  • Manual and Automated testing of tracking on different devices

  • Ongoing support for feature requests and troubleshooting

Data Visualization

Dashboard created for Marketing agency. Data provided by Google Analytics and collected by Google Tag Manager

Custom report created using Google App Script, Google Query, and PIVOT Tables. Data provided by Google Analytics

Dashboard created to analyze the funnel. Used combined online (Google Analytics) and offline (API, Database) data


Feedback From Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an independent freelancer?

  • Yes, I am working as an independent freelancer.

What is your preferred type of projects?

  • I would like to work on troubleshooting of existing setup of Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager or to start implementation from scratch.

What are your working hours?

  • I'm available at 09:00AM - 11:00AM and 06:00PM - 11:00PM UTC+1 during the working days and weekend.

Do you manage Google Ads, Facebook Ads?

  • No. I used to do this in the past. Now I deliver technical support for marketing teams to let them be focused on creatives: conversion tracking, dynamic remarketing and product feed setup, ad cost collection, reporting.

Which languages are you speaking?

  • English (fluent)

  • German (basic)

  • Russian (native)

  • Belarusian (native)

Do you work on a Front-end / Back-end side?

  • Partly. I can fix minor issues in PHP, JavaScript or Shopify templates. In most cases, I prepare my instructions for a developer to implement necessary code snippets on the website. After implementation I test it.

Are you Google Analytics (Ads) certified?

  • Yes. I have Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ), Google Partner status with many qualifications (see certificates below).

What is your background?

  • I've got a Bachelor degree (Electronic & Software Engineering), and a Master degree (Industrial Automation)

  • I've been running my own Ecommerce project and worked as an Internet Marketer mainly on Paid Online Advertising

  • Since 2016 I focus only on technical Web and App Analytics (set up conversion tracking and data visualization).

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